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How to Post on the NBNC FORUM
  • Only NBNC members are able to 1) post/create topics, 2) post messages, and 3) post images.
  • Posting ability depends on the category:
  • Announcements & Updates: This is a read-only section to provide information for members and the public. There is no posting ability.
  • Members: Posts are created by NBNC Admin. Members can post messages but not images.
  • Members’ Posting Area: Members can post/create topics, post messages in response to topics, and can include images in posted topics or in messages.
  • Smithsonian Institution: Members can post messages but not images.
  • In the Members’ Posting Area, select the most appropriate category for your post (e.g., National Bank Notes, National Bank Images, etc).
  • Directly below the CHARTER tab in the navigation menu is a button marked “Post New Topic.”
  • A popup window will appear for you to enter the title of your topic and the message underneath.
  • To upload images, press the “Upload New Image” button.
  • Describing the image is not required but recommended. This field will be visible beneath the posted image.
  • By placing the cursor in the image location field you will be able to search your computer for the file you wish to upload.
  • Images may not exceed 1M in size.
  • Within any topic that allows message posting (see above), at the top of the page is button marked “Post New Message.”
  • A popup window will appear for you to enter the message and/or image attachment.

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