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Proof of Life Series
  • The Proof of Life Series draws on the BEP Certified Proofs referenced above which are part of the National Numismatic Division of the Smithsonian Institution.
  • Unless clearly stated in post, the proofs displayed in this series are from National Banks that are unreported in some manner (i.e., charter or title). The only exception is Proof of Life IV ($500 & $1,000 NBN).
  • If you send us an image of an issued note from any of the banks or titles posted in this series, we would be happy post it with the proof, and likely as NBN of the Week or Discovery of the Month.
  • NBNC will add one proof to each Proof of Life Series each month, staggered at roughly one per week intervals. Members are encouraged to leave comments on any proof of interest.
  • If you have an image of any of the banks or towns (i.e., vintage postcards, etc) that you would like to see accompany the proof, please send them to
  • Finally, please feel free to comment on any of the proofs posted.

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